Breaking Bad: Am I The Only One?

With the series finale of Breaking Bad coming up, I figured I'd so some rambling about this show..but it's not going to be a long post because I don't even watch it! So why am I posting about? Well, read on.

I'm one of those people that tend to get into a series either as it's ending or has already ended. For example, I initially hated "Seinfeld" when it was on the air, but I'm a huge fan now and own pretty much all the seasons on DVD. Same thing with the 80's/90's show, "Roseanne". I didn't get into "Sopranos" until the last season was about to premiere, so I only had about 3 weeks to watch all the seasons leading up to the last one.

You get the picture.

So when I heard that Breaking Bad was ending, and I haven't heard of 1 person not liking it, I figured "ehh I'll give it a shot!" I sat down and watched the 1st episode with high hopes. Thoughts? Boring. 2nd episode? Boring. 3rd episode? Yep, you guessed it..boring! After the 4th episode, I simply gave up.

Now, I've been told by many, many people (*including my boyfriend who is a huge fan of the show) that "it gets better". I can't tell you how many times I've been told that line..."it gets better". Okay, how many boring episodes do I need to suffer through before it gets better? I watched half of a one season! I'm actually bummed out that I didn't get into the show because (1) I loved Bryan Cranston on "Malcom in the Middle" & (2) I had never heard of Aaron Paul before (Jesse Pinkman on BB) and I loved his character! 

Am I the only one not watching Breaking Bad? I feel like I'm not fitting in the with the 'cool kids' by not liking it and will now be forced to sit at a geeks-only table at lunch time. 

While I don't like the show, I can say that the acting that I did see from both Bryan & Aaron was amazing! The momentum of the story was just too slow for my liking and I caught myself being more interested on what people on my friends list were posting on Facebook. 

To those of you who love the show, I commend your pateince and I hope the series finale is one for the books (unlike Dexter's series finale the other day. I'm not sure I have the strength to make a post about how awful that finale was!)


Donna Boles said...

No you are not, I watched the first season and about the second season it got really weird and I stopped watching it. So now I am trolling online to look for each season to watch to catch up, I'm not having any luck. But I do plan to watch it and see what the hoopla is about.

Jamie said...

if you know how to torrent stuff, you can easily find all seasons on PirateBay. I just couldn't get into it, which is so weird because I keep hearing people talk about how good it is! lol

BeeBelle said...

I haven't tried Breaking Bad, but I have a friend who shares your feelings. I watched exactly one episode of The Walking Dead. It was so, so grim - of course - but not one redeeming quality of hope or promise. I told my husband that if I was in that world I'd just get bitten as quickly as possible and be done with it, and I haven't watched the rest. I also watched the first season of Downton Abbey and I. Don't. Get. It. I am enjoying Orange is the New Black, and I'm rewatching Lost with a newbie, which is fun.


How come we didn't hear what a genius Bryan Cranston is when he was on Malcolm in the Middle? I usually try to watch everything that comes out and after several weeks I decide whether I'm going to commit to giving it my time. Some things I know are slam dunks, like The Sopranos, and I was one of the few who watched Seinfeld from the first episode, when it was known as The Seinfeld Chronicles. I also keep my ear to the ground before hand and abort shows that look or sound stupid in concept and just never even bother watching, like Under The Dome, Revolution, Hostages, every season has them. To me, Breaking Bad was one of these. A high school science teacher turned meth dealer was just something I wasn't going to bother with. I'm not saying it's bad, It's just not for me. A lot of people purport to like Elissa Slater too, but I'll never be one of them.

Eddie McGhee said...

It really does get better. The pacing of the show in general tends to be slow though

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