Ghost Hunting: It's Not Just for TV Shows Anymore

(Pic of me, on left, ghost hunting back in 2006.)

Ahh..ghost hunting. One of my favorite topics of all time!! You might be seeing a lot of posts about ghost hunting on this blog because it's not only a hobby of mine, it's a big part of who I am...well, not the hunting part, but the interests in afterlife/ghosts.

I think those that don't believe in ghosts, are people that just haven't had any personal experiences...yet. ;) Most people have had encounters with the afterlife but either brush it off & dismiss them, or they're not profound enough for them to question the what/why/how. If there's one thing I'm sure of, it's that ghosts do very much exist. And they're everywhere. 

By definition, I am what they call "a sensitive". Just like any other skill, it's one that takes practice as mastering. Though I've come a long way, I will always be fine tuning my senses. I've always been a "sensitive" ever since I was a kid, or at least that's when I first noticed it. I think anyone can be a sensitive, it's just fine tuning your intuition, which everyone has naturally. Ever walk into a room and you just felt a "vibe"? Or walk into someones house and there was just an overwhelming feeling of sadness or anxiousness? It's the same thing, just heightened when you're a sensitive.

So, what is a sensitive? It's someone that can sense the presence of a spirit. For the most part, I can now turn it on/off, unless there's a heavy presence near me that I can't just shake. Anybody can see ghosts/spirits, they don't discriminate. ;) lol Personally, I've seen 3 in my lifetime, which is my least favorite thing in life..I think I age about 7 yrs every time I see one. Not fun. The 1st one, was my late-great grandma. The 2nd, an angelic-like "ghost" at my grandma's house when I was 21 yrs old, and the 3rd was at a cemetery, walking right next to me. 

Alright kids, gather around, it's ghost story time! 

1) My great grandmother appeared as a full apparition to me when I was 18 yrs old. She appeared to me in my apartment out of nowhere, with my grandparents dog (Bubba)..which was confusing at the time, because Bubba was still alive, though he was fading in & out beside my deceased great gram during her visit. A week or two later, I found out that Bubba had dog cancer and a few months later, he passed. I believe that this was my great grams way of saying 'He's coming with me.' 

2) I was living with my grandparents at the time (I was 21 yrs old) and the bed frame that my bed was on, was very old. It was so bouncy, to the point where if you sneezed while on the bed, it became a trampoline. lol So one morning, I felt the bed on the right side dip down, as if someone was on it. Knowing that my bedroom was locked, I quickly woke up & found an angelic-like ghost in the most beautiful pastel multi-layered dress looking over me with a "who are you?" kind of confused look on her face. I screamed so loud that I was sure I woke everyone in the house up. She quickly disappeared, never saw her again. 

3) This was during a ghost hunt in 2006 with my ghost hunting team. Now this was different type of experience and I'm not sure I would call it a "ghost", as I now believe it could've been demonic. Let's put it this way, you couldn't pay me enough money to step foot inside that cemetery again. As our group entered the cemetery, I was pulling out my gear (voice recorder, camera, extra batteries) and I was talking to one of the ghost hunters (Chrissy) as we walked side-by-side. She was on my left. I had asked her a question and when I didn't hear a response, I looked up from fumbling with my gear, only to realize that Chrissy wasn't there anymore. I called out her name and she responded...from the front of the group, about 5 people away from me. I asked her how she got up to the front so quickly, when she told me she's been in the front the entire time since walking into the cemetery. Then who the heck was I having a back-and-forth conversation with? Who/what was I seeing walk next to me? The reason why I think this might be demonic, is because they can manipulate/mock voices and morph into anything they want. From that night, something attached to me and followed me home. The next 3 days were pure hell...I couldn't sleep (heard growling in my ear as I tried to sleep), glass candle jars would explode without being touched, and I had the worst sense of being closely watched. I finally had to call an expert up in Burlington, WI for help on how to get rid of it. (*I did a prayer + sage cleanse, that worked.) 

Back to the point of this post...

Ghost hunting just isn't for TV shows anymore. Anyone can do it, and while it's fun and interesting, it can cause some havoc if you're not careful.

I just came across the other day, which I found fascinating. They let the public go into West Virginia Penitentiary to do their own ghost hunting..daytime, twilight hours, or overnight (depending on how much you're looking to spend). Not only would I go & do a ghost hunt there, I'm actually planning to go there in Spring 2014. Thanks to TV shows such as Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures, ghost hunting can now be done by anyone with a voice recorder and a camera.

Like I said at the beginning of this post, this is one of my favorite topics, so I'll be posting about this topic from time to time. 

Before I end this post, I figured I'd share this audio clip of an EVP that I captured on Nov. 17th, 2012 in my current apartment. I had just got home from work, sat in my recliner, when I felt an overwhelming presence in front of me. (Ever feel the weight of someones stare? It was that feeling..but I felt like it was right in my face.) So I busted out my voice recorder, asked 2 questions, got a response from 1 of them. Here it is:

(Turn your volume up or wear headphones to hear it better.)


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That's really cool! I've had a few experiences but haven't gone anywhere with it. Looking forward to hearing more about how you got into this and what you do going forward!

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