Great Food on a Budget

Somewhere around the year..oh, let's see..I think it was around 2006'ish?..I stumbled upon and quickly realized that this was going to be the start to be a beautiful & budget-friendly relationship. ;)

If you're not familiar with, let me break it down for ya:
1) You shop for restaurants in your area that you either like or would like to visit.
2) You select from their options of gift certs (ranging from $15, $25 to $50).
3) You purchase your gift cert for a discount (between $4-$10 for a $25 gift cert)
4) You go to that restaurant and use your coupon.
5) Enjoy your highly discounted meal! 

My favorite part of using gift certificates? They NEVER expire!! :D

What is even better than that, is that they now have a mobile app that is so simple to use and you can take your gift certs everywhere you go and use them via their app. On this past Wednesday night, I did just that!

The boyfriend & I were starving and frankly, I didn't feel like cooking. lol I pulled out my handy-dandy app and looked at my gift certs that I had recently bought when they had an awesome sale going on (I snagged up a bunch of $25 gift certs for just $4 each!) & picked one out.

We picked The Loaded Slate in Milwaukee, WI.

We told the waitress as soon as we got there, we had a gift certificate to use, just to give her a heads up. So we ordered as usual & ate some yummy food:
After we finished our food, I pulled up the app on my phone, brought up the gift certificate and the waitress took my phone to do whatever it is she needed to do in order for me to get the discount:

Our waitress then came back with the new bill:

Our bill came to: $45.53
Gift Certificate: -$25
New Total Bill: $20.52 + $7 tip

I had bought that particular gift certificate when they had a $4 for $25 certificate sale going on, so we ended up saving $21.00 in total when everything was said and done!

If you've never tried before, you can get gift certificates right now for just $5!!! Use coupon code: FIVE & snag up some awesome deals!!


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