Halloween: My Favorite Time of the Year

It is now October, and that means my favorite time of the year is here!! I love Halloween, LOVE IT!!!! I wait all year for it. The haunted houses, ghost hunting, corn mazes, costumes, parties, decorations...ahhh...it's all so awesome!

Every weekend in October, you can find me at various Haunted Houses for the most part, or local cemeteries on a foggy night for the pure scare factor that oddly seems to never go away no matter how old I am. That's what Halloween is all about..bringing up childhood-like fears, whether it be scary clowns (*by the way, I freakin' hate clowns!), or an actor in a haunted house jumping at you from out of nowhere to scare you. It makes you feel like a kid again, and you're never too old to go to a haunted house! As long as I'm alive and I can walk, I will be forever be going to haunted houses.

There was a haunted house I went to last year here in Wisconsin (Burial Chamber Haunted Complex), where they had a Burial Simulator. After purchasing your ticket, you go into a coffin, they close the casket, and you begin to hear your own funeral, including the ride to the cemetery and being buried. The coffin moves around in realistic motions, to give you the sense of traveling on a gravel road, or shaking back and forth as you're 'being lowered into the ground'. It was really something else! Freaky? Yes. Worth the money? Yes. Would I do it again? ...I'm not sure. lol It was mentally disturbing because even though you know it's not real, it just starts to get to you. The thought of being alone in a closed casket, hearing your own funeral, not being able to move, then you start thinking about your own death..it's a mind-f*%# for sure! If you're lucky enough to have one in your area, I highly suggest you go & try it. It's definitely worth the experience.

While I certainly have my favorite haunted houses, my all-time favorite haunted attraction is called Haunted Woods in Waterford, WI. You buy your ticket (*I usually buy a hot cocoa while I'm at it), stand in line outside in a big field with steel drums that have fire in them, and wait for your hearse to pull up. Once the hearse pulls up, you get in with about 8 other people in the back (where the coffins once were during transportation), then they drop you off in the woods where you will have the best scares of your life! Things fly down from trees, actors come out from seemingly nowhere with real chainsaws revving , mystery sheds you are forced to walk through, which sometimes could be pitch-black inside...just thinking about it gets me excited to go back this year! I go every year and it's usually the 1st stop on my To-Do list for the Halloween season.

Tip: If you're planning to go to a haunted house, look on their website to purchase tickets. You can often get them cheaper than at the ticket counter.

If you're looking for fun Halloween stuff to do on a budget, check out deals on Groupon! You can often get Halloween deals for 50% off (or more) per attraction! I just bought a Groupon for 2 tickets for a Corn Maze for 50% off (so basically, buy 1 get 1 free).

It was only $6/person, instead of $12/person. You can download the app on your phone and you can redeem it by showing the person at the ticket booth.

I hope y'all have a wonderful Halloween season of haunted houses, scares, and screams! ;)


Sean Carter said...

I agree with everything your saying, its events like those that make the Halloween season so great. You never get the chance to really experience those things any other time of the year. We went to this awesome haunted house in NJ and had a blast. It really set up the Halloween atmosphere great and had us all screaming in terror

Jamie said...

that sounds like fun, Sean! I haven't "screamed in terror" at a haunted house in ages. either I'm not that easily scared these days, or the haunted houses i've been too aren't that good at scaring. ;) lol

Laura White said...

Hey Jamie! I've followed your BB blog for 4 years now and started following you here. I actually grew up in Burlington, WI and my parents still live there! I live in NC now, but come up to visit a few times a year. Nice to see a fellow southeastern Wisconsin-er! And great blogs!!!

Jamie said...

Hey Laura!! :D Thanks for being a long time follower & for following me here during the BB off-season! I've been up to the Burlington, WI, they have a haunted Indian burial mounds tour up there that I did years ago. It was really something! What part of NC do you live in?

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