Freebies: How to Get Them

I love freebies!! I LOVE THEM!! And the best part? They're everywhere! In this post, I'll share my knowledge of how I get freebies. Though I'm not an expert on freebies (*I'm far from being one of those people on that Extreme Couponing show), I do know a secret or two on how to get them.

Birthday Freebies:
The best time of the year for me is the week of my birthday, not only because it's my birthday, but because I also get freebies galore in my inbox! Lots of free food from local restaurants that send me e-coupons for a free entree or dessert simply because I signed up via their website for their email alerts.  

Here's my list of birthday freebies:
*Applebees: free sundae (walk-in/ask) ($4 value)
*free meal @ iHop ($9 value)
*Buy 1, Get 1 for $2 @ Old Country Buffet ($10 value)
*Local casino for birthday comps (see post below for details)
*Local Frozen Yogurt (I recieved a free small fro-yo)
*Noodles & Co: free bowl of noodles ($8 value)
*Chilli's: free dessert w/ entree purchase
*Moes Burritos (local Milwaukee eatery): free burrito ($8 value)

Note: Most coupons were good for 2 weeks, so print them out & go to a different place each day! :)

I'm sure there's more freebies from other restaurants (check local & national chains), these are just the ones that I'm currently signed up for.

Casino Freebies: 
Here in Milwaukee, we have a casino that gives you $25 on your players card that can be redeemed at any of their restaurants and gift shops, or towards bingo play. So every year on my birthday, I go to the casino to get a free meal ($10+ tip usually) and then spend the rest towards free bingo play. This year was even better: I received a $5 off bingo coupon in the mail plus a $10 off at any restaurant coupon, so I was able to eat for free ($10 value), play bingo for free ($20 value) and still have enough left over on my players card to play bingo for free at a later date! Total score!! Every casino is different, of course. If you live near a casino, even if you don't play, go & sign up for their players card. You'll get coupons and hopefully some awesome birthday comps, too! If you're lucky, you'll get both on your birthday and have a great night out--for FREE!!

Online Freebies:
I'm just going to lightly touch on this subject since I could write a book about online freebies, but my 2 favorite sites for freebies are & has freebie section to get samples in the mail. After a few weeks of ordering samples, I started to collect a nice pile of useable stuff--for free!

No matter what you use/buy/shop at, make sure to sign up on their website for the email list. Sometimes I luck out and get freebies through doing that. For example, I signed up a year ago on (dog/cat products) and I just received a freebie coupon for a bag of kitty litter that is valued at $9. Being a cat owner, I'll take free litter any day! (If you're not a cat owner, you can always donate it to your local animal shelter. They'll love you for it!)

Cash Back:
I already did a post on this, but definitely check out Ebates!! They give you actual cash back for online shopping. (*Reminder: Black Friday & Cyber Monday are coming up soon! Might as well get cash back on stuff you're buying online anyways!) I use them when I shop online and I'm already up to $25. Hey, $25 bucks is $25 bucks..I'll take it!

There's all kinds of freebies out there and if you love to save money like I do, then hopefully you enjoyed this post. Yay for freebies!!!


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