Poo Pourri Review: The 'Before You Go' Spray

If you have not yet seen the hysterical YouTube commercial for Poo Pourri, then I highly suggest you stop what you're doing & go watch it. It's hilarious! And yes, it's a real product!

Poo Pourri is a 'before you go' spray. You simply spray it in your toliet (4-6 sprays) before you go, and just like that..no smell during or after! No more spraying your bathroom with huge amounts of your favorite odor masking spray or, if you're old school, lighting a match to get rid of the not-so-pleasant smell.

Once I saw the commercial for it, I just had to try it! It got amazing reviews on Amazon (4.7 out of 5 stars), and that's the best reviews I've ever seen for any product on there. With reviews like that, I just had to buy a bottle for myself & see what all the rave was about.

There are a variety of scents, with creative & funny names, to pick from. I picked the "Party Pooper" scent.
It has essential oil scents of mandarin, tangerine, and lily. It has a very pleasant citrus (like a lemon) smell to it. I bought the 2 oz bottle (pictured above), but I wish I had bought the bigger bottle (though I'll just use this bottle as a travel bottle & stick it in my purse once I get the bigger bottle).

Both the boyfriend & I tested this out and let me tell you, it really works!! I am officially a fan of Poo Pourri and as long as it's being sold, I'll continue to buy it. I bought my "Party Pooper" bottle a week ago and I still have about 99% of the spray left, so it should last for a long time.

With Christmas coming up, this would be a great stocking stuffer, or a gag gift that actually works!

They have other scents such as:

*Sh*ttin Pretty
*Deja Poo
*Christmas Santa Poo
*Secret Santa
*Royal Flush
*Heavy Doody
*Party Pooper

Check out all the scents on Amazon& pick up a few for those on your holiday shopping list and don't forget to get one for yourself! Trust me, you'll love it!!


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