Rant: Black Friday is Now Called Thanksgiving

There was once a time that I used to look forward to Black Friday. Now, not so much.

Every Thanksgiving morning, I would buy the local newspaper, grab out all the ads, and there I would sit for the next several hours scouting the best deals that I wanted to snag up. I had a system: I would go through each ad twice (just to make sure I didn't miss anything good), circle the deals I wanted with a sharpie, then I would coordinate my Black Friday madness schedule according to opening times, doorbusters, and distance between each destination.

It was an art form, I tell you. You should've seen me. I was the best.

Over the past few years, my love for Black Friday has dwindled down to nothing. Zero. Zilch. Nada. In fact, I am starting to despise Christmas/Holiday time all together now. And it sucks! It sucks because it used to be my favorite time of the year. . And now, I can't stand it.

Because of corporate greed.

Now, don't get me wrong, I've always been well aware of corporate greed. But somehow, this particular year, they have sunk to an all time low.

A lot of stores are opening up earlier than ever on Thanksgiving:

*Kmart @ 6am (yes...that is AM, not PM)
*Old Navy @ 9am
*Walmart @ 6pm
*Best Buy @ 6pm
*Target @ 8pm

Really, Kmart?? 6am? REALLY!?!!

A day when we are supposed to be with our families to share thanks & be thankful for what we have, is now being trampled on like a lost shoe at a concert. What has happened to giving people the day off to see their families?

I understand that not everyone has family, or lives near family, so this isn't that big of a deal to them. I can relate, all of my family are half-way across the country. I get it. But it's about the principle of the matter. It's the corporations that are laughing...at you, by the way...all the way to the bank. I take it as a huge insult, and I know I'm not alone.

*Gets up on her soapbox*...

I would love to see our nation rally against those stores that don't give a flying %$#! about your family time, your Thanksgiving meal that was prepared with love, or simply, just a day off! Stand up to those that stores that are forcing their employees to work on Thanksgiving, so that you can save a few bucks on a t shirt. It's time to say...Enough is Enough!

Speak with your wallets on Thanksgiving by not going to the mentioned stores above. Instead, go to stores that are CLOSED on Thanksgiving and actually open on Black Friday! Need a list? Here ya go...

Stores That Open On Black Friday..not on Thanksgiving:
*Ace Hardware
*Bed Bath Beyond
*Bass Pro Shops
*Home Depot
*JoAnn Fabrics
*Radio Shack
*Sams Club

So go out & shop your little Black Friday lovin' hearts out on Black Friday, not Thanksgiving Thursday. If not, don't be surprised to see "Pre-Black Friday Sales" starting on the Wednesday before T-Day next year. The more you buy this year & make it worth the companies while to open that early, the more they'll keep opening up earlier & earlier. It's time we push back.

*Gets off of soapbox*


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