Cabela's Doorbusters At 2am: Was it Worth It?

This past Saturday (December 14th, 2013), our local Cabela's store was having a doorbusters sale, where they awarded the first 250 people in line with the possibility of winning some pretty big prizes that included:

*1 rifle ($329 value)
*1 tent & 2 sleeping bags ($159 value)
*1 fishing rod ($89 value)
*1 archery set ($184 value)
*1 commercial vacuum sealer ($329 value)
*250 Cabela's Gift Cards (worth up to $100)

When my friend & I had arrived, there were already 7 sets of people in line.

We were under the (false) impression that it was on a 1st come, 1st served basis with the bigger prizes. The assumption was based on a convo that I had with the female manager the day prior to the sale. She had mentioned that there were 2 people in line already and that if "I wanted the fishing pole, they already have dibs on it." (**For the record, I still have no clue why she would tell me that.)

The time was 2:40am on Saturday when we arrived and we started to unpack the car...a lot of blankets, a couple of chairs, a laptop to watch movies on, and a Coleman thermos full of hot water so that we could make hot cocoa and/or tea to help us keep warm, and some snacks to munch on.

We sat outside...

...watching "A Christmas Story" on the laptop...

...eating our peanut butter pop tarts (*yes, you read that right, peanut butter pop tarts. I'll wait while you dash to the store to go pick some up.) 

So there we sat, from nearly 3am until 8am. My toes were so frozen that I seriously started to wonder if I was in the beginning stages of getting frostbite. The 2 pairs of socks & waterproof winter boots I had on simply couldn't hold up in near-zero degree weather with wind chills for that many hours. I was really starting regret my decision of no sleep and freezing my butt off for a chance at prizes.

The best of waiting for the store to open was talking to our 'neighbors' in the line. There was 1 single guy next to us and an older couple on our other side. We all became short term friends, sharing stories and laughs throughout the long hours.

My friend & I had to make a pee run to the truck stop about 1/8 of a mile up the road around 6am. The single guy in line sat in my chair & warmed up under our blankets per my invitation for him to do so while we were gone. I also offered to buy him a cup of coffee, as he was clearly cold and shaking for hours. He politely accepted my offer.

We came back from our pee run (which was also a breakfast & beef jerky run apparently) and waited the last 2 hours until the store opened.

Employees from Cabela's came out around 7:30am and gave the first 20 people in line a bag of gifts. We were #17 & #18 of the 20 people, so luckily we received the bag of goodies that included the following:
*a Cabela's hat ($30 value)
*thermos ($11 value)
*beef jerky ($6 value)

The employees then came back outside & passed out 250 gift cards. We ripped ours open to see what we won:

*I won a $20 gift card
*my friend won a $5 gift card
*the guy that I bought a coffee won the $329 commercial vacuum sealer

Since the expiration date on the cards was Dec. 26th, we decided to just go inside & use them before heading back home. I bought a $20 Yankee Candle, my friend bought $5 worth of candy.

So...that's my story. My exciting Saturday morning adventure at Cabela's.

Would I do it again? I don't know, maybe. I definitely wouldn't go at 2am again, especially now that I know that I could go 2 hours before the store opens and still have the same chances as the guy that camped out for 2 days.

Ya live, ya learn. :P


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