How to Deal With a Noisy Neighbor

Ahh yes, apartment living. The world of sharing your space with others. Sometimes you can luck out and have neighbors that are so quiet, you wonder if they're ever home. Other times, you wish you were somewhere else due to excessive noises your neighbor makes.

My boyfriend & I moved into a nice apartment 2 years ago and since Day 1, we've had issues with our neighbors below. They pretty much violated everything they could in their lease: excessive dog barking for hours, slamming doors & kitchen cabinet doors, pounding on the wall and even the ceiling (*I still don't know what the hell they were pounding into their ceiling, our floor, for an hour), leaving their dog outside unattended (it would jump all over our dog, try to come into our apartment, bark at other dogs passing by, etc). It's been pretty much a nightmare since we moved in.

Luckily, I documented everything. And I mean everything! I have more videos than I can count of her lease violations (just the ones that directly affected us), audio of 2 hours of non-stop barking thanks to my handy dandy digital recorder, and a recent police report documenting the barking for hours the other day. I put all of these in separate folders (eg: Barking, Slamming Door, Dog Unattended, etc) and uploaded it to a USB drive. I then called my leasing office and asked to schedule a meeting with the property manager at her earliest convenience, which was yesterday afternoon.

I walked in cool, calm, collected and stated that my only goal was to be able to enjoy a "peaceful living environment", which every tenant is entitled to. (It's stated in every lease.) Once I told her the history of the noisy neighbor, I then presented a mountain of evidence on the USB drive, along with a "Letter to Management" which documented what lease violations she violating, the duration of each violation, and everything that I did in order to achieve peace & quiet (such as calling the manager, talking to my neighbor directly, etc.)

After about 20 minutes of talking and showing audio/videos, my landlord was 100% on our side and I could tell that she was frustrated at the neighbor for so blatantly ignoring all of the warnings her staff has given her, including a "5 Day Quit or Evict" notice a couple of weeks ago.

By the end of my meeting with my landlord, I was informed that the neighbor will be issued a 2nd "5 Day Quit or Evict" notice. If the problem persists after 5 days, she will be contacting her boss to see if they can somehow force an eviction based on how many warnings they gave her and the evidence I presented as proof of her being a nuisance neighbor. The most logical statement the property manager stated yesterday was "If you move out, I'll just have the same problems with a new tenant anyways." Bingo! Get rid of the problem, not quiet tenants that have no lease violations and always pay rent on time.

I must say, since the neighbor was given another "5 Day Quit or Evict" notice yesterday, I haven't heard a peep! Until I saw her walking her dog this morning, I honestly thought she was gone overnight. Needless to say, the boyfriend & I are so happy & are finally living in peace & quiet! We just hope it lasts.

So for those of you dealing with a noisy neighbor, there is hope! Just make sure to document everything. If the leasing office staff (aka not the manager) are doing very little to help, bypass them and ask to speak directly to the manager who has authority to do a lot more.

If that doesn't work, you can always ask for your security deposit back and for your lease to end, since they (the leasing company) are in breach of their contract with you for not providing you with a "peaceful living environment" & move elsewhere.

Good luck & keep fighting the good fight!


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