Review: Mushers Secret Paw Wax for Dogs

If you're a pet parent like myself & you live in a state that snows and/or gets bitterly cold during the Winter, then you've probably had your fur kid do the 'my paws are frozen!' dance when taking them outside to go potty.

I tried making homemade doggy boots, and failed. I bought paw boots from Petco to protect her paws from the ice and snow, she hated them (plus they kept slipping off). It wasn't until a friend of mine told me her secret for keeping her dogs paws comfy...Musher's Secret!

Musher's Secret Pet Paw Protector Wax is a paw wax that you put on your dogs paws before you take them outside. Not only does it protect the paws from sidewalk salt in the Winter & the hot cement during the Summer, but it also acts like a shield from the snow, ice and extreme weather in general. (Make sure to wipe the paws off after walking on sidewalk salt with a towel when you get back inside.)

I bought mine from Amazon and about a week later, it was at my doorstep. I couldn't wait to try it! Finally the snow hit here in Wisconsin and I put this stuff to the test. After a few trial & errors, I figured out that you should take a good amount of the paw wax (about 2 finger swipes worth) for the front paws & then again for the back paws. Get a nice thick coating on the paws.

It's 100% natural, non-toxic, non-staining! :) 

It also acts as a moisturizer, soothing cracked paws. (My dogs paws are soooo soft now, thanks to this stuff!) I've also noticed that the snow & cold does not phase her nearly as much when she has her paw wax on. Before, she'd want to come inside after a few minutes. With the paw wax on, I have a hard time getting her back inside now! ;)

There are 2 different sizes you can order, the small (2 ounces) and the large (7 ounces). After reading the reviews on Amazon from customers who wished they had ordered the larger size because how much they love this stuff, I decided for the extra few bucks more, it'd be worth it to just get the larger size. And I was right!

I can't say enough good things about this product! It's reasonably priced, the large container will surely last a long time, it soothes & protects my dogs paws from all kinds of weather & elements. They should probably rename the product from Mushers Secret to Mushers Miracle! Good stuff!! :)


Jennifer Greenlees said...

Thank you for this review, Jamie. I recently learned about musher's wax from my Petco here in Oro Valley, Arizona. When I came online to learn more, I found your review and I am now sold. I will definitely buy the larger size jar for my dog. He also hates the Petco booties (and they don't stay on his feet too well). I am hoping this Musher's Secret Wax will protect his feet from the extreme heat of the sidewalks, asphalt, concrete, and brick walkways here in Arizona. Thanks again for this great review!

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