Shameless: Most Underrated TV Show

It's Feb 2015 and we are about halfway through Season 5 of Shameless, one of the best shows ever to be put on television. If you're one of the many people asking 'What's Shameless?', then this post is for you.

There's no way to break down all 5 seasons in one post, so I'm not even going to attempt. I will, however, shed some light on the actors of the show and the amazing characters they're playing. Let's start off by seeing, in general, what Shameless is about.

Shameless actually started as a UK television show back in 2004, with the US taking it on back in 2011. Both shows are about a group of kids that have been pretty much abandoned by their parents and left to fend for themselves. You have...

Frank: (William H. Macy)

The dad, a full-blown alcoholic who is only in his kids' lives when it benefits him in some way...such as a place to stay, food to eat, etc. The kids pretty much hate their father, but you do find moments where they care enough (..barely..) to bail him out of certain situations.

Fiona (Emmy Rossum)

The oldest daughter, the mother-figure to the rest of the kids. Being young herself, she's stumbling through her own life while trying to hold down the fort..and various jobs in the process..just to keep the family going & the bills paid.  Her romantic life is a big hot mess, usually jumping from guy to guy, until she met Jimmy and fell in love. Long story short, he went missing from her life for a year, and has come back in hopes of them getting back together. Only problem is, Fiona is married to a guy she's only known for a couple of weeks. What will she do? Stick with her new hubby or get back with Jimmy? 

(Fiona & Jimmy)

Lip: (Jeremy Allen White)
Lip is the oldest brother. (Lip is short for Phillip). He's incredibly smart, both book smart & street smart. He knows how to con people when he has to, but he can also use his brain to excel in college like he has been the past couple seasons. Lip is usually the most level-headed of the bunch. When Fiona slips from her parental role, Lip will be the first one to jump in & take over, while kicking her ass back into reality and offering brotherly support, simultaneously.

Ian: (Cameron Monaghan)
Ian is Lip's younger brother and is gay. Ian used to be like his brother, Lip, by being a level-headed member of the family, until the past 2 seasons where his behavior has become erratic. Ian was always the one who tried to avoid getting into trouble and wanted nothing more than to enlist in the Army. Unfortunately, we're finding out that Ian has his mothers bipolar genes. His latest stunt? Stealing his lovers (Mickey's) baby.

Mickey: (Noel Fisher)

Mickey & Ian's relationship is one of the most complex, interesting, emotional, caring relationships I've ever seen on TV. Period. Mickey, who was once afraid of being gay, has come out loud & proud and is constantly transitioning from being a badass to a caring boyfriend in the blink of an eye. The acting by Noel Fisher is nothing short of PHENOMENAL! One of the most unrecognized actors of our time.

Then you have Debbie, Carl and Liam.

Debbie is struggling to find out who she is and wants to be in life, while Carl is a drug dealing, gun loving, pyromaniac. Liam..the youngest just kinda there. Doesn't really have too much of a role yet since he's so young.

The show has amazing story lines, the best crew of actors currently on TV, raunchy sex scenes, drugs, fights, drama, love, hate, crime, and humor. That's just in a nutshell. I could go on and on, writing a book on why this is one of the best shows ever put on TV. Instead, I will encourage you to start from Season 1 and enjoy one of the best written shows played out by brilliant actors.

Shameless is currently into it's 5th season and is on Showtime every Sunday night at 9pm ET. Wanna know how good this show really is? Before this season even barely started, it was renewed for a 6th season (which starts January 2016).


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